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Our Family History  Other Services:


  • Providing Expert Genealogical Research
  • Guidance for New to Advanced Level Family Historians
  • Delving in to those family mysteries and finding ways around those Brick Walls
  • Mastering and other Genealogy websites
  • House, Property and Club Histories
  • Mentoring to help you Organise & Present your digital and had copy research
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Support
  • Document deciphering

With Probate Genealogy, it's imperative that crucial documentary evidence can be sourced to

prove relationships and identities so the correct people are paid their shares of inheritances.

That's why getting things right is vital.

With Family History, it's only about how far you can get back.
It's the amazing discoveries that come your way along the journey that can enhance your identity. 

Neil B Gill

Our  Probate Genealogy & Heir Research Services:


  • Global and Australian Probate Genealogy Research
  • Establishing Heirs in Estates
  • Locating and Obtaining Documentary Evidence
  • Locating Missing Beneficiaries
  • Searching for Executors and Will Witnesses
  • Recovering Unclaimed Money and other Assets, Business
  • Organisation Historical Research
  • Customer Contact Database Integrity


TO SOLVE your mysteries

have you hit a brick wall on a research case?   Do you have a long term case you can't solve?   Need to find a reliable probate researcher alternative?   then let us solve your mystery!

Specialists in Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom Probate Genealogy Research

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Please note that our office has recently moved. and we are now in Glen Waverley, Victoria.

You can contact me on 03 9803 8714 or 0400 674 806 or via email. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Neil

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Special Genealogy Consultant to Museum Victoria on the Richard Du Bourg Project

Learn more about the Richard Du Bourg Cork Model Research Project and Podcast

We provide Expert and International Research Experience in Probate Genealogy & Heir Research to Legal Firms, Trustee Companies, Private Executors, Courts and Global Probate Genealogical research businesses. Special Research Projects can also be commissioned. We can also help you solve your family history mysteries. If you're looking for a quality service that will go the extra mile, then make the Savvy Choice and try us, the new Probate Genealogy alternative in Australia. You can also be one of our valued global research partners. Contact me now via Email, phone, post or via our online contact page form. Enjoy your day and we look forward to helping you solve your mysteries. Neil B Gill - Principal and Member of the Law Institute of Victoria